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NEXT FESTIVAL SCREENING: Austin Revolution Film Festival

Saturday Feb 17 3PM    Allison Wood Theater  Austin, Texas

Meet Our Cast


Keisuke Hoashi


Brigitte Graham


Toy Lei


Pappy James Faulkner


Dean Hermansen

Our Crew




Associate Producer

Director of Photography


Visual Effects Producer


Sound Designer

Award winning creator of Who Wants Dessert and Amy's in the Freezer

Lead producer of Who Wants Dessert and Amy's in the Freezer

Producer/Director of Fleetwood Mac Touring Documentary

Award winner at both Cannes and TIFF

5X Emmy winning editor who just finished Disney's Kenobi

Emmy nominee for Stranger Things VR

Composer for tv show themes on PBS, Syfy and Lifetime.

4x Emmy Winner & 17x Academy Nominated Sound Designer & Mixer


What is an Ossan and why make a movie about it?

Our film is a dark, mystical spin on a real Japanese custom. We are creating a new legend that may strike fear into the hearts of misbehaving children everywhere...for this is an Ossan with an insidious skill!


After writing this award winning screenplay, we were offered the opportunity to film it in an extraordinary location, so we green lit ourselves and put all the elements together to make movie magic!

With the help of the CBS Visual Effects Department, a diverse and uniquely talented cast and crew and a brilliant score by Alexander Arntzen, this story was brought to life as a 12 minute short film.

It begins its' festival journey around the world this summer! Please check in here to see the venues it will be playing at. We'll post as they come in.

Thanks! The Ossan Team

(click on the trailer below to watch it)


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