Meet Our Cast


Keisuke Hoashi


Brigitte Graham


Toy Lei


Pappy James Faulkner


Dean Hermansen

Our Crew




Associate Producer

Director of Photography


Visual Effects Producer


Award winning creator of Who Wants Dessert and Amy's in the Freezer

Lead producer of Who Wants Dessert and Amy's in the Freezer

Producer/Director of Fleetwood Mac Touring Documentary

Award winner at both Cannes and TIFF

5X Emmy winning editor who just finished Disney's Kenobi

Emmy nominee for Stranger Things VR

Composer for tv show themes on PBS, Syfy and Lifetime.


What is an Ossan and why make a movie about it?

Our film is a dark, mystical spin on a real Japanese custom. We are creating a new legend that may strike fear into the hearts of misbehaving children everywhere. For this is an Ossan with an insidious skill!


After writing this award winning screenplay, we were offered the opportunity to film it in an extraordinary location, so we pushed the button! Filming starts this October and we need all the help we can get now!


The scope of this film calls for considerable visual effects as well as unique sound and production design. We've assembled an unbelievably skilled group of artists to help, but the magnitude of the nuts and bolts required make this one pricey film.


We hope you'll consider joining us on this journey and contribute and share if you can. Many of our friends are filmmakers so some perks are designed to be useful for them. Everyone is invited and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Perks Below:

  • $25 A social media shout out with our greatest thanks and a private link to the film before it hits the festival circuit.

  • $50 Same as above & if you’re a filmmaker, we’ll watch, rate & review your film (if free online).

  • $75  For screenwriters, we'll read your script and give notes.

  • $100 Shout out and a separate Special Thanks! on the film. Private link to the film.

  • $250 Social Media shout out , private link plus Super Donor credit on film.

  • $500 Funding Producer and IMDB credit.

  • $1000 Associate Producer credit on film and IMDB.

  • $2500 Co-Producer credit on film and IMDB (limit 4)

  • $5000 Executive producer credit on film and IMDB (limit 4)

Of course, donations of any amount, great or small, with or without perks are enormously appreciated!